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Jeff Plankenhorn

Join us for another "Pickin' with Plank" Band Camp on December 17th with Jeff Plankenhorn!

One participant said...

“Plank skillfully and patiently mentored me toward much stronger lyrics, chord progressions, and melodies while enabling me to retain what felt like my own distinct voice. Despite the great disparity in our musical experience and skill levels, he always instilled confidence and treated me like a songwriting peer.”

Jon Austin of Dayton, OH
- student and multiple workshop attendee

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Joe Morales

March 2, 2024

Joe Morales is a recording session player, arranger, producer, composer, and music teacher. Joe has recorded on many albums with artists such, as Linda Ronstadt, John Hyatt, Flaco Jimenez, Texas Tornadoes, Freddie Fender, Duck Soup, The Brew and hundreds more. As a jingle singer, Joe has performed in over 100 jingles. He received a Grammy Plaque for his work in arranging and performing on a Flaco Jimenez CD.

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Learning, chilling, and picking with some of Austin’s finest musicians!

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Austin Band Camp is located at 604 W Mary Street, the home of Sessions on Mary and the residence of John & Carol. We'll provide free beer, water, and snacks. The only thing you have to bring is your instrument and enjoy learning, chilling, and playing! Everyone is welcome!